Holi Colors Shooting


I read a slogan somewhere - "Who doesn't have photos with Holi colors yet." So we tried!

One free Sunday, we tested the photoshoot with Holi colored powder, which is very popular not only among photographers lately. Photography with Holi powder has gained popularity mainly thanks to the "Don't Run Away" festivals, which may have taken place in every major city.

Well, I have to say, I haven't had a fun photo shoot. :D

What is Holi Color Powder actually?

Powder paints are 100% natural and organic, meeting the latest EU and US standards. The composition of these colors is corn starch and food coloring. They are easy to wash away from clothing, skin and hair.

The powder comes from India, where Holi is used during spring color festivals (or love) and hence its name.

And how was the photo shoot?

I put a few backstage photos. :)